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Emerson's Coffee & Tea Emporium is a locally owned coffee shop operating for over 23 years in Hickory, NC. We are located inside the Valley Hills Mall, lower level center court. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9:30am to 9:00pm and Sundays noon to 6:00pm. See you soon!

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Asheville Emerson's has closed.


We said thank you and farewell to the Asheville community at the end of February. Thank you deeply for your dedication and loyalty to us for the last 5 years. It's been quite a ride.
We hope you will visit our Hickory location or shop online for our wonderful fresh roasted coffee beans. In the meantime, Signature Brewing Company will be moving into our space and offering some wonderful, fresh and local roasted coffee for your enjoyment. 

New Coffee Bean Offerings Arriving this Week!!


We are proud to announce some new offerings currently being roasted and arriving this week:

1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend - you asked, we listened. We can't wait to share this lucious blend with you.

2. San Francisco Blend -  Indonesian and African beans -- dark roasted, deep and smoky with a mystifying aroma, a robust, bittersweet taste, full body and a long, lingering finish.

3. White Chocolate Wrascally Rabbit - Just in time for the Easter crowd. Got family coming to town? This bean is solid white chocolate to the core...incredibly smooth and decadent to the taste.

4. Irish Creme - the essence of Ireland, irish creme liqueur

Stop in and try one or four! Cool

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